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You will always pay a price! Everyone should know that information comes at a price, whether it’s time or money. When searching for information you’ll find an aggressive campaign to sell you something. That’s what pays for the online presence. Ever notice that they always seem to know something about you: gender, age, income level, and buying habits. The internet is constantly profiling your habits. This isn’t always bad if it saves you time when you’re searching for something. Here are the questions everyone needs to ask: “Is this site or its representatives the source, or are they looking to broker information to you? Can they directly address your needs? And are they available to validate the legitimacy of the information?”

Here is a specific example:

You log onto a website looking for homes for sale, and you fill out and submit a form. Most websites disclose that you will be contacted by a licensed real estate agent who will pay a fee to receive your name and search information. Usually you will have to wait several hours, or sometimes never receive the information they promised. If you do receive information or a phone call, it’s unlikely you will even remember when or who you left this information with. Not very effective. And what’s even worse is this is a website that was placed high on the search engine, therefore pushing down the pages of realtors that can actually help you in a timely manner. The moral of this story: Find a realtor who has the online experience to assist you, and the willingness to give you the information that you need to do the homework which you already decided to do.